2010-Just coworkers!
Love at first sight? It took Israel 3 YEARS to ask Lu out on a first date!
ShortStop on Forever
We had our first kiss at the Short Stop Bar in 2013.
2014-He loves HK!
I (Lu) was pleasantly surprised when Israel agreed to go to the HK Convention with me! He even suggested we dress up! What a day and what a guy <3
Hello Kitty Con
Another picture from the second day at the Hello Kitty Con. in 2014
Disney Love
Most dates are spent at Disneyland. Regular visits are a must for Israel.
2016 Proposal
Israel proposed on one knee at Griffith Park on 3/20/16.
Disney World Vaca
In 2016 we vacationed at Disney world with family. We had our engagement photo shoot session at the Magic Kingdom.
Engagement Photos
Our engagement photo session was taken at Disney world's Magic Kingdom. It was such an amazing experience for both of us.
So much love
This is my (Lu) favorite picture of Israel ever! Picture from engagement session.